Martin's Contents lists for the Baen CD-ROMs

Which contain lots of eBooks, and other stuff
These CD-ROMs are currently Ten in number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6b, 7, 8 and 9
(6b is my choice of terminology - others choose to call that one 6.022)

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The following Contents Lists include eBooks and the other stuff (such as AudioBooks) that are on the CD-ROMs.
I have also compiled lists of Baen's eBooks with links, intended to be saved to your hard disk and to index the locally saved copies of Baen's eBooks.
[24th July 2006 note - if the following haven't yet been updated, they will be by the end of the month]

For those with an interest in what appears on the outside of the CD-ROMs

How to get copies of the CD-ROMs

Baen has given permission to anyone and everyone to copy and distribute (for free but not for sale) these CDs and their contents.

There are at least eight ways to get copies of these CD's.

(1) Buy a new copy of the FIRST printing of the HCs that included a CD (numbers 1 to 6).
(suggested this is the way that best suports both the Authors and the Publisher by providing them with the most income)

(2) Borrow the HC from your local Public library, and copy the CD if it is still in the pocket in the book.

(3) Post your snailmail address in an appropriate conference at Baen's Bar (read the FAQ's first) or on an appropriate author's Mailing list, and ask if there is someone living nearby willing to snailmail you copies of the CD's.

(4) Baen's Webscriptions - buy the individual eBook (US$6) or monthly bundle (US$15) containing any of the the first six Title books that contained the CD-ROM and you can downoad the CD-ROM ISO from Baen's website.
This isn't an option for 6b and 7 as these promotional CDs were not included with the HC.

(5) Download the CD-ROM ISO's via the Bit Torrent network.
Jonathan kindly hosts a Bit Torrent tracker site where you can download the Baen CD ISOs at
Statistics are oneline at
For those who don't yet have BT installed
Other recomended clients are Azureus and bitComet.
Lots more about BitTorrent Wikipedia entry for BT

(6) Download the CD-ROM ISO's via the eMule network
A link to the CDs via emule
A link to some eMule software for Windows
(If you are using another OS I know you can find your own choice of client)
Lots more about eMule Wikipedia entry for eMule

(7) Joe Buckley's wonderful site which is part of the reason characters with his name have subsequently appeared in so many Baen Books (grin).
He has the full contents of all online, as well as offering direct downloads of the CD's as ISOs and ZIPs, without needing to install filesharing software.
See the Publisher's Podium conference at Baen's Bar for the URL.
Of course his site also features the collected advance Book snippets (use the green arrows on the left) and David Webers collected informational posts.

(8) There are also other sites with the CD-ROM's online.
At the time of writing these include

Thanks to those who host all these sites.


Unfamiliar with ISOs ?
Note that CD Disk Image Files (.ISO) are a sort of compressed file, similar but different to the more common zip
Thus if you download a Zipped (or othererwise compressed) version of the ISO, the contents have been double compressed, and you will need to first unzip them first to get at the ISO, then secondly extract the contents of the ISO.

Once you have an ISO, you can get at its contents by using your CD Burning software,
choosing the option to burn a new CD from the disk image (ISO) file that you have earlier downloaded and saved to your hard disk.
Alternatively, or if you don't have a CD Writer, some uncompression software (such as WinRAR) will let you extract the contents of an ISO directly to your hard disk without the need to burn a CD, just as if the ISO was a zip.

Background Info

Baen is a major publisher of Speculative Fiction in Dead Tree and eBook formats. Many would say that their books are addictive, so you can delete the 'bli' from publisher

Before his recent death, Jim Baen believed, and others still believe that at present eBooks help to increase the sales of dead tree editions, so Baen gives away a number of eBooks for free in the Baen Free Library and on CD-ROM's included with (or associated with) selected Baen Hardcovers. The Publisher has also granted permission for these CD-ROM's to be legally downloaded from the Web and duplicated and given away (but not sold).

Almost every new book that Baen sells in Dead Tree Format, and more besides, are available at very reasonably (i.e. cheap) prices as Unencrypted eBooks in multiple formats. Baen sell their eBooks via the WebScription site run by Arnold Bailey of Webwrights. Arnold is responsible for all of Baen's Web Presence.

I also have an index of the Webscription and Free Library eBooks

Baen's Bar exists as a discussion forum for fans of Baen's eBooks.

Last modified 24th July 2006